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A quality, healthy & true happiness ice cream


What's special about it?

When we were all young, when we were still little, we all loved ice-cream

The moment the coldness and the sweetness hit the mouth, the instant happiness that it brings is beyond words!

Ice-cream is simply the happy food to most of us!

However as we grow older, we often stop ourselves from having it. Why?

We take less and less of it due to feelings of GUILT. The guitiness of it being unhealthy – made with unknown powdered ingredients, contains high amounts of sugar and it makes us fat! Not to mention the single-use plastic spoon!

Ice-cream is no longer the happy food to some of us.

We believe it doesn’t need to be this way!

“A true happiness ice cream”

At Ciao Gelato, we are committed to bring back the HAPPINESS you should feel when enjoying an ice-cream! 

You shouldn’t feel GUILTY about it!

Happier physically!

Gelato typically have lower sugar, fat and calorie contents than the American ice-creams that we are more familiar with. In fact, it’s around 50% less FAT!

And Ciao Gelato being founded by a pharmacist, we are committed to use the least amount of sugars necessary in our gelato, while maintaining the intense taste and creamy texture of a good ice-cream.

Beyond that, we stay true to the traditional Italian artisan way of making gelato by making our gelato from scratch, using as much fresh ingredients as possible! Say no to unknown powdered ingredients or ready-mix bases.

Happier mentally!

World Health Organization (WHO)’s definition of “Health”: 
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

While we traditionally only focus on the physical part of health, recent years have highlighted the importance of the other aspects, especially mental health!

We hope by removing the guiltiness that often comes with having ice-cream, we can reintroduce the happiness we all felt when we were young!

Let’s bring back ice cream as the happy food! One that truly makes you happy, no matter when you’re feeling a little down or you just want to be happier!

Happier Environment!

We care about our impact on our society and the environment! The world should not be a worse place because of our presence. We should not feel guilty for serving our gelato!

We are saying NO to single-use, non-recyclable paper cups and plastic spoons! We serve our gelato exclusively in our 100% reusable and recyclable, food-grade, double-walled stainless steel cups.

Besides, we are also mindful of where we source our ingredients, such as using chocolates only from manufacturers that are actively committed in their sustainability efforts.

Happier Society!

We enjoy “giving” at Ciao Gelato! We truly want to do good and make our local society a better place because of our presence!

Therefore, we are pledging a small % of our total sales to do good and contribute to local charity efforts, including donations.

We thank you in advance! We hope that it makes you happier when enjoying our gelato, knowing that a small % of what you pay us will go into helping the local society, making our society a happier, better place.

Discover Our Story & What We Stand For

Our Gelato


Italian Technique

Our Gelato are made with the best imported Italian machines and with the techniques passed down by Italian Gelato Masters.


Global Flavours

We seek to bring all the exciting flavours around the world to you through Our Gelato!


Local Taste

Our Gelato are customized to our local tastebuds with the optimal amount of sweetness.

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